Mantle Exploration LLC was formed in 2007, and is owned by Mantle Oil & Gas, LLC, located in Houston, Texas.

Mantle Exploration is a fully integrated upstream oil company. The principals of Mantle have been involved in the oil and gas industry since 1975, domestically in the U.S. and internationally. They have been responsible for drilling several thousand wells in the United States and have drilled wells all over the world. Examples of these operations include the North Slope of Alaska, North Sea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Mantle currently owns interests in over 400 wells in the USA. Mantle has purchased several major old fields in the US from the major oil companies and has redeveloped and revitalized the old fields, resulting in increased production and new reserves added.

Our long-term strategy is to find oil and gas both through the exploration of new fields and the exploitation of old fields. Our team of experts is capable of recognizing and developing passed over reserves.

Our strategy is focused on building sustainable long-term value growth. We deliver our business strategy whilst ensuring safe and responsible people and operations. Our approach to sustainability focuses on our commitment to managing risks and mitigating the impacts of our operations while creating shared prosperity for shareholders, governments, citizens of host countries, employees and industry partners alike. We uphold the highest standards of governance and have robust risk management processes in place.


Corporate Responsibility

The health and safety of our employees, owners, the environment and the public is our number one priority. We are committed to safely and responsibly producing oil and natural gas while respecting our stakeholders and the communities where we live and operate.